View Full Version : Arca Swiss Discovery

don mills
27-May-2009, 08:51
How much is a used one in good condition worth?

Peter De Smidt
27-May-2009, 09:20
Check KEH.com and MPEX.com to get an idea, knowing that dealer's can usually get more for their stuff than individuals. Condition is important, of course. You can also check completed auctions on Ebay. Also compare to Badger Graphic's new price. Hope this helps.

29-May-2009, 08:09
When I was trying to decide on a 4X5 over the past several months, I watched several sell for $700-$800 on ebay. I ended up purchasing a Chamonix instead.

don mills
29-May-2009, 12:54
Just bought a 2001 Discovery in great condition including rodenstock 150mm f5.6 s - $800. I'd only pay $600 for a body that was in pristine condition AND that had a recent body maintenance clean (the bubbles go bad often). Remember that this model is discontinued and that parts are EXPENSIVE!

There is a nice, clean F Classic on Ebay with lens for a good price.