View Full Version : Problem with my Plaubel Peko Profia 4x5'' and 405 polaroid back

26-May-2009, 08:28
Hi to everyone! Year ago I've purchased my first 4x5" an old but in excellent condition Plaubel Peko Profia, very cheap:)! So I have a lot of 660 type polaroids and that's why I've purchased a 405 polaroid back - never used one. The problem is that it is impossible to load the back into the camera, the back enter just at the his half and then it's stuck... Any suggestions, what can I do for it? Thank you in advance.

Peter K
26-May-2009, 10:59
As with many other LF-camera you need an extended back for your Peco Profia and a Polaroid back 405. You can ask here (http://www.plaubel.com/) if it's still aviable.

26-May-2009, 11:49
Thank you Peter K, I will check it, actually I have tried the 405 polaroid back on a Shen Hao camera and it fits well.

26-May-2009, 12:18
The 405 is a bit of a mess thanks to its size, bottom slider and top bulge - it often will not fit at all, or will require the back to be mounted in one particular orientation to keep clear of the bulge or slider.