View Full Version : Which 90mm fast lens is best?

Allen Broyles
10-Sep-2001, 18:37
Which 90mm fast lens is best?

Richard Boulware
10-Sep-2001, 19:39
I just finished some hi-tech testing on six lenses. Among them was a 90mm Rodenstock Grandigon-N....and the same make and model in 75mm focal length. I wouldn't have believed it until I saw the test negs under a binocular medical microscope. The two Rodenstocks are awesome and are both 4.5 lenses. So much sharpness and contrast it was 'spooky'!

11-Sep-2001, 08:58
all modern 90 from major brand are suppose to be good, it's just a matter of spe cific sample, try before you buy !

11-Sep-2001, 13:25
My question is: which of the fast 90s is lightest?