View Full Version : Enlarger Hieght

Ray Astley
25-May-2009, 03:51
Hi,i Was Told By Someone Who Worked Out,that From The 10 X 8 Negative Carrier Hieght To The Focused Image To Make A 20 X 16 Print The Distance Would Be 53" With A 300mm Lens. Does Anyone Know What Distance Would Be Needed To Make A 24 X 20 Image?or 30 X 20? Ray

Jim Jones
25-May-2009, 14:11
If my long unused math is correct, a 2.5X enlargement requires about 59" between film and paper, and a 3X enlargement 64". Some cropping will be required because the 20x24 print is proportioned slightly different than the film, and the 20x30 more so.

Ray Astley
27-May-2009, 04:41
Cheers Jim