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24-May-2009, 11:56
I`am looking for some high quality enlarger, for something around 1200$ and I think about Beseler http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=productlist&A=details&sku=105700&is=REG&Q= what do You think?
I want develop 35mm, and 6x7, but most 35mm;]

24-May-2009, 12:45
I don't know your location...But I see a lot of used darkroom gear CHEAP on craigslist, & the local newspaper...Could leave you more $ for film, travel...Seems that real photography is not as popular is it once was.
I guess that computer stuff might catch on afterall.

24-May-2009, 12:57
I`am from Poland, but i`ll order it via DHL, but i don`t know which i should buy.

John T
24-May-2009, 13:02
Can you find used Durst enlargers in Poland? I'd look into them if you can find them there.

24-May-2009, 13:06
but Beseler would`t be better choice than Durst?;]

John T
24-May-2009, 13:17
Durst has tighter tolerances and needs very little calibration. The Beseler 23C series is famous for going out of alignment easily. They are easy to re-align, but that can be tiresome. More people in the US have Beseler and Omegas because they are made here, parts are more available and are less expensive.

bob carnie
24-May-2009, 13:21
My favorite enlargers are my Omega Condensor with glass carriers.
love them, easy to use, easy to align, easy to split filter with, simple 213 bulb for light,easy to bracket to wall mount and use a drop table and securing the top with braces.
Second choice would be Devere with focusing knobs on front. I have a 11x14 mint one which is a dream to use for negatives 4x5 or larger, but the 4x5 Devere works exactly the same.
next would be a Durst Enlarger, then followed by Bessler. I have all of these and rate them in this order.
I prefer condensor to diffusion enlarger but not a deal breaker.
Put all your money into good glass, I use Apo Rodagons and am very happy, my favorite lens is the APO 90mm for medium format work over an 80mm by far. The Apo 150 for 4x5 work is outstanding as well.

24-May-2009, 13:47
I want buy vario contrast head. OK, so if i will develop only 35mm, and 6x7, what focal length lens should i buy?;]

Walter Calahan
24-May-2009, 14:10
You can get this same enlarger on eBay for much less.

Dan Ingram
24-May-2009, 14:48
How about Meopta? I've never used one (I use an Omega D6) but I know they're from the Czech Republic, and are very popular in Britain and Europe. I have a Beseler too, but prefer my Omega -- easier to align, and built like a tank. As for size, I think you should always go larger than you need right now. Most people I know who have bought an Omega C moved up to a D within a year or two. The large format bug could bite you at any time!


Renato Tonelli
24-May-2009, 18:35
I recommend a Durst - they often turn up on the German eBay for a fraction of what they used to cost. If you are in a hurry, Second-Hand Darkroom Supplies in the UK has several used enlargers. I don't have the link, so you need to do a search.

25-May-2009, 16:33
Since you are in Europe I would go for Durst as they are very common.
If you want to print only 35mm upto 6x7 then a Durst M805 or Durst Modular 70 are very good. Both had vario heads available but be careful because most have colour heads and the black and white heads usually use under the lens filters. But colour heads can be used for B+W printing using just using the Yellow and Magenta filters.
The M607 also prints upto 6x7 and also has a vario head available but again be careful as most have colour heads. The M607 is smaller and only goes upto 12x16 paper in an easel.
For 4x5 then a Durst L1200 is good. A vario head was available but most have colour heads.

25-May-2009, 16:47
also if you want to buy new then take a look at:


and their other enlargers too.They may be too expensive but you will save a lot on shipping and import duties if you buy within the EU.