View Full Version : Fuji instant film with Chamonix 4x5?

Darin Boville
24-May-2009, 09:44
Will a Polaroid or Fuji pack film back (for instant film) fit easily in a Chamonix 4x5?

I know they are awfully thick...on another camera I remember I had a heck of a time getting it in and out--bounced the camera all over the place.

Any user experiences?


24-May-2009, 10:12
Yes, I use both all the time. The tolerances of the camera back are a little loose compared to other cameras I've used so you have to be careful that it's seated properly. I should add that you can put any 4x5 back, regardless of thickness on this camera by removing the ground glass. The problem is that the rotating locks aren't close enough (on my camera) to hold backs like the fuji p45, or polaroid 545, or shen hao 6x12 snug to the film plane. There's lots of slop there. Now good luck finding a 4x5 pack film back!

Darin Boville
24-May-2009, 21:06
Cool. Thanks, Vinny.