View Full Version : Schneider SA f5.6 75 mm and 90 mm on Shen Hao TZ 45 IIA trouble

24-May-2009, 04:07

I just decided to buy 2 new lenses for my Shen Hao TZ 45 IIA.
The both have a Prontor pro 01s and are mounted on normal shen hao board on the camera.
I have the WA bellow too, but the problem is I can focus properly, the back and front are on the maximum. The solution should be a recessed board, but I am not sure it fit on the prontor.
One of my friend told me to change the camera and think about a HZ 45 AII ... that's a shame ... I am a bit desperate :( !
If some Shen Hao users have some advice ....


Gem Singer
24-May-2009, 04:33
With the wide angle bellows on the camera, try using a combination of base tilt backwards and axis tilt forwards to move the front standard closer to the back standard of the camera. Using front rise, move the lens stage upwards until it disengages from the uprights.

This is the opposite movement from extending the front forward in order to obtain more bellows length.

I experienced the same problem with the Shen Hao HX 45AII. Had to use a bag bellows as well as a recessed lens board for a 75mm lens.

However, recessed lens boards do not come with small enough openings for 00 shutters.

24-May-2009, 05:18
Aint the Shen Hao boards interchangeable with Technika boards? I have a 75mm/5,6 on a recessed Technika board and I was hoping I could use that one directly on a Shen Hao when I eventually get one. Btw I have no problem focussing it on a Sinar Norma 5X7 + stepdown back to 4X5.
Best regards

Gem Singer
24-May-2009, 05:43
Yes, the Shen Hao uses Linhof Tech-type lens boards.

A 75, in a Copal 0 shutter, mounted on a recessed Tech-type lens board, will fit directly onto the camera.

However, the standard bellows will be very tightly compressed, and movements will be limited. Thus the recommendation to use a bag bellows, as well as a recessed lens board.

You could probably get away with using only the recessed lens board for the 75, but the 65 will need a recessed lens board as well as a bag bellows.