View Full Version : What camera is this?

23-May-2009, 21:32
Can anyone tell what this is? (Pics lifted from ebay listing.)

Any comments - good 'un or bad?

Thanks. :)

Brian Vuillemenot
23-May-2009, 21:54
Looks like a Tachihara to me, with the nice chrome hardware (most of them have a cheesy looking gold colored hardware). Most people I know who have them like them a lot, although they are a bit flimsy and don't have a huge amount of bellows extension. But for a few hundred bucks, they are a bargain...

24-May-2009, 04:19
Nagaoka/Amba/Ikeda (same camera, different tradenames).

24-May-2009, 04:28
Nagaoka/Amba/Ikeda (same camera, different tradenames).

Or Hasemi. I have one Hasemi looking very similar (plus rear standard movement). Very compact and light-weight, limited bellows extension. Excellent gear for hiking or similar.

24-May-2009, 05:52
Thanks very much for the input, folks. I'll email the seller too, and see what he says! :)