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23-May-2009, 17:10
I have a " workflow " developing 4x5" sheets with expert drums and T-Max RS with Jobo CPP2 with good results at different iso.
Can I use the same workflow to develop 120 roll film + CPP2 + T-Max RS + 1520 tank( presoak, develop time, fixer time, wash time, etc. ) ?
Thanks a lot

Bjorn Nilsson
24-May-2009, 01:28
For starters the film is made in a different machine, so while the film is similar, it's not the same film. Also the flow of the chemicals is different in a 1500 tank, given the by Jobo proposed higher agitation setting.
I suspect that the agitation is a little bit more "active" in the 1500 tank, so maybe you can take off some 5% on the developer time. All the other times should be the same. But again, make your own tests on some "not very important" shots.
What also comes into play is what you do with the negatives after developing them. If you enlarge in a traditional manner, do you use the same enlarger? If not, you have to adapt the dev.time to that system anyhow.


Arne Croell
24-May-2009, 03:12
It works fine with color film-I've used it a few times for slide development of both 120 and 35mm, years ago. I tried b/w, but went back to inversion agitation by hand, as the agitation is, as Bjorn said, stronger than with the Expert drums and also less even. When comparing TMY-2 in 4x5 and 120, I found that I could use the 4x5 times in the expert drum (at 50rpm), for inversion agitation of the 120 with an agitation pattern close to Kodaks recommendations (I use 4-5 inversions every 30s interval). Rotating it would result in more agitation and more contrast for the roll film at the same time.

24-May-2009, 06:31
Inversion-agitation by hand may be is the best road to go. Thanks a lot for your answers.

24-May-2009, 08:01
Same B&W "workflow" yes. I use the same "workflow" in my Jobo rotary processor for minox, 16mm, 35mm, 120, 4x5 and 8x10. The times may be a little different for some of the steps.
As you know the image on 120 film comes closer to the edge than 35mm, so even development at the edge is crucial. I have tested Patterson, Beseler and Jobo plastic reels and found the Jobo to give excellent evenness of development when rotary processing 120.

Richard Littlewood
24-May-2009, 10:12
I'd second the inversion-agitation for 120