View Full Version : Pre Anniversary Roll Film Holder

22-May-2009, 23:31
Is there a roll film holder that fits a 4x5 Pre Anniversary Graflex back? This back is similiar to the Graflex SLR.

23-May-2009, 09:56
This is a bad answer- for historical purposes
Graflex made roll holders in several sizes to fit the slotted back.
AFAIK none for film sizes that are still available, but they do show up on thatbay.
The short way of the film tended to match the longway of the negative.

douglas antonio
23-May-2009, 10:50
i don't know anything about graflex cameras, but a linhof super rollex may fit since your back has the sliding holders. maybe you have a chance to check with one from a used equipment store? or snd a better picture with the barn door removed so i can see the fitting and advise you on that. the super rollex are equipped for modern film thickness etc. so no problems with that.

Ernest Purdum
24-May-2009, 15:56
If it is identical to the SLR back (and it probably is), Graflex did make roll film holkders for the SLRs.

Ernest Purdum
24-May-2009, 15:58
P.S. I'm talking about later holders than those Ed Workmanl was writing about. The ones I mean use 120 film.

2-Jun-2009, 22:15
Found a "23" Graflex holder with 6x7 insert that fits like a glove.