View Full Version : Ilford Galerie - 100 sheet boxes going bye-bye?

William McEwen
22-May-2009, 14:57
I just noticed Calumet no longer has Galerie 8x10 in 100 sheet boxes. They only have 10 sheet boxes at $38.99 -- $3.89 per sheet!

The other suppliers (Freestyle, B&H, etc.) seem to all have 100 sheet boxes at prices about $1.34 per sheet.

Has anyone heard anything about Ilford discontinuing 100 sheet boxes of Galerie?

William McEwen
22-May-2009, 16:16

25-sheet boxes, NOT 10-sheet boxes, each sheet is about $1.56.

I need a vacation.

Gem Singer
22-May-2009, 18:24
I assume that you are referring to Ilford Ilfobrom Galerie graded silver gelatin paper.

Because there are so many sizes, grades, and surfaces of silver gelatin paper, most vendors try to stock only the most popular ones. As you realize, VC papers have displaced graded papers, eliminating the need for handling a wide variety of grades.

Surface choices have also narrowed down to glossy and matte.

Graded papers have gone out of style. I certainly wouldn't fault Harman Tech.(the new owners of Ilford's photo product line) if they actually did decide to discontinue Ilfobrom Galerie silver gelatin paper. So far, they haven't.

Do like Michael Smith, build yourself a walk in cooler and stock up on your favorite sizes, grades, and surfaces of Ilfobrom Galerie.

Ilford Galerie Classic paper for inkjet is manufactured in Switzerland by the Japanese company that bought out Ilford's inkjet product line.

They manufacture several types of inkjet papers under the name Galerie.

Sal Santamaura
22-May-2009, 20:31
At the top of page 12 of Ilford's latest (March 2009) Product Availability List


it says that 100-sheet boxes of 8x10 grade 2 Galerie -- item 1627707 -- are "STOCK" while 25-sheet packages of 8x10 grade 2 -- item 1627651 -- are "USUALLY IN STOCK."

Both 100-sheet boxes of grade 3 -- item 1627716 -- and 25-sheet packages of 8x10 grade 3 -- item 1627760 -- are "USUALLY IN STOCK."

The most likely explanation for Calumet not listing your preferred package is low volume. Fortunately, Ilford seems committed to the product and there are other fine retailers who carry it. Here are grade 2


and grade 3


in stock at $1.29 per sheet. B&H has very reasonable shipping charges too.

bob carnie
23-May-2009, 07:05
The fiber paper I use on my lambda, as well as 5-20 labs worldwide is Galerie with an extended red sensitivity.
I buy it in rolls of 30 inch x100ft and the larger labs buy it in 50inch x100ft.
Therefore I believe that this brand of Harmon paper is safe from extinction.