View Full Version : will Horseman 6x12 RFH mount on SpeedGraphic?

22-May-2009, 11:26
Local camera shop tells me no. But it *looks* like it's standard Graflock, true?
Would love to use that Horseman on my Speed if I can.

If not, does one go to the Shen-Hao or similar chinese backs for panoramic on a 'Graphic? or..?


Greg Lockrey
22-May-2009, 13:25
It looks like a Graflock back to me too, so it should. Your camera shop is probably thinking of the old Speed Graphic spring type back. I had one of those till I converted the back to Graflock.

22-May-2009, 20:53
Which camera shop told you it would not fit? Why not bring your speed in and try it?