View Full Version : 150mm G Claron on 4X10?

Kevin Crisp
22-May-2009, 08:41
Anybody tried this? It covers 5X7 with lots of movement. Thought I'd try it out this weekend but was wondering if anyone else had tried it. Thanks.

Rudy Ternbach
22-May-2009, 09:03
Apologies in advance for this being a bit off-topic, but: I'm waiting delivery of a 150mm G Claron lens in a Compur 0 shutter to use on a 612 Fotoman. Could you suggest any tests of the lens given this camera setup once I have it in hand?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Pete Watkins
22-May-2009, 09:13
Give it a try but I used my 150 on my 5x7 and when photographing an old engine house with a rather tall chimney a couple of weeks ago I did get some vignetting. It's gotta be worth a try though, It should work for less extreme shots.
Best wishes,

Rudy Ternbach
22-May-2009, 09:17
Will closing down the shutter reduce the vignetting?

Jiri Vasina
22-May-2009, 10:06
I have used this lens a bit on 58"/1318cm and thanks to my style of shooting recently (landscapes with a lot of clouds - some rise), I have run out of coverage quite often. But if I'm modest with the movements, it's an excellent lens.

Stopping it down helps a bit (well, I don't know exactly to what amount, I have not done any rigorous testing. But when I'm using some rise with it, I always stop down to have a larger IC if possible...).

Those shots here on my website (http://www.vasina.net/?tag=g-claron-150mm) are done with a G-Claron 150mm.


eric black
22-May-2009, 10:42
Im looking forward to this answer as well- I would love to add a 4x10 lens of approx this focal length without going broke. I realize there are quite a few uncoated gems that probably work great for B&W work, but I shoot primarily color and often facing the sun somewhat so coatings are kind of a must for me.

Dan Fromm
22-May-2009, 11:07
I know everyone says that Schneider's coverage claims are conservative, but still and all 4x10 (diagonal 274 mm) has to be a stretch for the 150/9 G-Claron. Schneider claims 189 mm for the plasmat type, 191 mm for the dagor type, at f/22 at infinity.

I'm afraid we've fallen into treating "illuminates" as "covers."



Kevin Crisp
22-May-2009, 11:21
OK, then I will give it a shot this weekend and report back.

22-May-2009, 11:59
Are we talking the factory mounted or the user mounted ones? It'll light 8x10 plus a bit. I wouldn't claim the corners are sharp but they sure weren't dark straight on. I forget how much movement before they went dark.

22-May-2009, 12:02
Oh BTW the Fuji-W isn't any more expensive normally. Faster. Similar size. Same sort of coverage.

Rudy Ternbach
22-May-2009, 12:51
How does the Fuji-W do with color slide films? Is it coated?

Kevin Crisp
22-May-2009, 13:35
Even a little 90mm Angulon will illuminate a sheet of 8X10 film. The portion that is usable as "sharp" will be a little bigger than what is needed for a 4x5 sheet of film. Some of the earlier versions of this lens can't really claim even that.

22-May-2009, 22:11
How does the Fuji-W do with color slide films? Is it coated?

The high coverage model is single coated.