View Full Version : Please, some help about plans of building my own

22-May-2009, 03:03
Please would you help me with information.
Does somebody have any idea from where I could find a book
Layton, John. "Build you own 4 x 5 field-view camera". View Camera, November-December 1996, pp. 48-56. Sacramento, CA. (Instructions for building a 4 x 5 inch flatbed camera of hardwood.)

or similar?

Thank you in advance.

22-May-2009, 05:58
Is that an article in View Camera magazine? Did you contact the publisher directly and ask if he has that issue?

22-May-2009, 06:02
That's a magazine, not a book. Contact View Camera magazine, if they haven't lost the issue. Or possibly it is in a college library.

22-May-2009, 06:08
Better still, Steve may have that issue in digital, PDF, format.