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Anthony Harrison
19-Oct-2001, 11:20
I'm finally getting a LF camera with which to shoot roll film (no, please don't advise me to use 5x4 sheet film) but lens choice is critical. I want to shoot up to 6x12, more often 6x9, on (very likely) an Arca F-line I'm offered at a good price. Available (used) lenses are a Nikkor 65/4 SW/Copal 0, and a Rodenstock 90 /6.8 Grandagon N - in terms of my present 6x7 and 35mm kit, what field of view w ill these give me, and do they both have enough coverage to permit plenty of mov ement? Thanks

Jean-Marie Solichon
19-Oct-2001, 12:08
Anthony, I have used the Nikkor 65/4 with 6x12 and 6x9 roll film backs. This lens does not have "plenty" of coverage for 6x12 but reasonnably enough for landscape photography. In my experience a center filter is necessary for this lens in 6x12 format. With 6x9 these restrications disappear.

Walter Glover
19-Oct-2001, 16:37

I hope the following table stays formatted once I 'submit'. It shows the horizontal angle of view for 6x12 (110x56) in degrees and then the nearest CALCULATED focal length for 6x7 & 35mm. Chances are the suggested focal lengths do not exist but the values should indicate what is closest in your kit or experience.

90mm = 6x12 6x7 35mm 62.86? 58mm 30mm 65mm = 80.47? 41mm 21.25mm

I shall re-post if the formatting changes to make the information undiscernable.

Good luck with your new venture ... WG

Walter Glover
19-Oct-2001, 16:43

As I suspected. Here we go again:

The 90mm on 6x12 has a horizontal angle of view of 62.86 degrees which is equivalent to 58mm in 6x7 and 30mm in 35mm formats

The 65mm on 6x12 has a horizontal angle of view of 80.47 degrees which is equivalent to 41mm in 6x7 and 21.5mm in 35mm formats.

I trust that this information is of some value in your decision making ... WG

Anthony Harrison
21-Oct-2001, 04:49
Jean-Marie & Walter, thanks a lot - very helpful advice, just what I needed.