View Full Version : Saying hello, been away for a couple of years

Paul Coppin
21-May-2009, 17:32
Greetings, guys. First time I've been back on the forum since Jan 20, 2007, apparently :( Just popping in to say hello and glad to see most of the "old gang" seems to be still around. Took a couple of years off to keep up with the paying part of my awake time and explore a few other interests. Even remembered the password - yikes! Hope to get the cameras out a bit more this summer. Also glad to see the interest - hopefully will keep film going...

Paul in Ontario.

Mark Sampson
21-May-2009, 18:51
Welcome back. The days are long and the light is good now- time to make photographs!

Vick Vickery
21-May-2009, 21:18
Welcome back to group therepy! :) Its good to see the "lost" return to the fold.