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21-May-2009, 13:40
Did anyone ever make roll film adapters for spring backs, rather than graflok ones? It would be nice to compose for 6x12 or 6x17 directly rather than trying to "think panoramic." I do shoot 5x7 primarily with it - it would just be a nice option.

just checking. It's a B&J 5x7.


Dan Fromm
21-May-2009, 14:57
For 5x7 cameras? I doubt it.

For smaller cameras, there are choices. There's a recent discussion about roll film holders for spring backs. Use the search function or just look. Save the rest of us the labor of typing the information again.

21-May-2009, 15:05
Calumet (Cambo), Toyo, and Sinar all make roll-film holders for spring backs, in increasing order of reputation (and price).

But I've never seen one for a 5x7 camera. I suspect you'd first need a 4x5 reducing back (if you can put that on your camera). If you go that route, you might as well get one with a Graflok back, and then you can also use the Linhof, Horseman, Wista, MPP, Shen-Hao, DaYi, and Graflex roll-film backs. Again, price is a good determiner of quality, though they have all be used to make art.

If you can't easily put a reducing back on your camera, getting a smaller camera is probably cheaper than the modifications you'd have to make to be able to do so.

Rick "amazed by how cheaply 4x5 stuff sells for these days" Denney

21-May-2009, 15:08
Dan - gee, thanks. can you tell me more of this "search" of which you speak?

Thanks Rick - that's what I got via the search function, but only through little hints here and there. I could not get a definitive answer, and therefore asked what I felt was a straight question that would give me a straight answer. I appreciate it.

Oren Grad
21-May-2009, 15:26
Keith Canham makes a 6x17 rollholder for 5x7 cameras, but the back needs to have Graflok-style sliders to hold it:


And as you'll see, it costs vastly more than your entire camera is worth.

For 4x5 cameras, both Calumet/Cambo and Sinar have offered slide-in holders in 6x12 format.

21-May-2009, 16:10
Oren - thanks. I did see those threads, and saw the Calumet/Cambo ones. I was hoping for something in the 6x12 or 6x17 range (otherwise I'd just shoot my 6x9 cameras! :-).

Dan Fromm
21-May-2009, 17:04
Dan - gee, thanks. can you tell me more of this "search" of which you speak?
Find the logout button above, "search" is the third button to the left from it.

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