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21-May-2009, 08:39
Hello everyone, I am new here. I just got an old brass lens from an antique shop, the inscription on the lens :


DOPPLE-ANASTIGMAT D.R.P. Serie m/3 F=210 m/m

No 148165

Can anyone shed a light on this lens ? I could not find any information on the internet. Thanks.

21-May-2009, 09:04
There is another one here

c reichert austria neu-combinar f:6.8 Brw 180mm

21-May-2009, 09:17
Frankly, you didn't look hard enough, there is plenty on this board and the internet at large. Look up "Dagor".

Lee Christopher
21-May-2009, 09:31
Hello Krisage,

The first thing I would do is take whatever inscription I can find on the lens and Google it.

Here's what 'C P GOERZ BERLIN' turned up:


CHEERS and enjoy your stay! I'm new here too but I've found folks here exceedingly knowledgeable and extremely helpful!

21-May-2009, 09:35
Dopple-Anastigmat Goerz.

Should be a good lens, if it's clean and in good shape, it's a very early Dagor before they started using the name. I've never seen an authenticated date list for CP Goerz Berlin serial numbers, but it's pre-WW1 made between 1900 & 1908, 1903 is probably near the mark.


21-May-2009, 09:39
Thanks guys for the replies.

Oh ! So thats what Dagor is, I thought it is a line of cameras !

21-May-2009, 09:53
Just pick up a book with a very nice advert for the Goerz Double Anastigmat, the title is "A RECORD IN COVERING POWER", the book is dated 1902 :D


Lee Christopher
21-May-2009, 10:15
Krisage, was there any sort of shutter mounted on that lens?

I'm quite interested in finding out how such shutters are fitted, considering many of these lenses are so old, and how they are being fitted for use on the LF cameras. I'm afraid even the most basic technicalities at the moment would flu\y above my head till I get to grips with so many technical points.

What camera are you using with these lenses?

21-May-2009, 11:00
The Berlin Dagors (Series III) of that era were rarely shutter mounted.


22-May-2009, 10:00
Hi Chris, seeing your nick I thought I am seeing double. I am Christopher Lee too. There is no shutter on both the reichter and dagors. I am using it on my macro bellow on my dslr , olympus e-510.

Lee Christopher
22-May-2009, 23:11
Well Christopher, Christopher is a nice name! :D

I find these old lenses fascinating. I guess one day when I learn how to fit a hutter in, or manage to buy one already fitted with a shutter, I'll start exploring them.