View Full Version : Replacing fluid in bubble level ?

Ian Gordon Bilson
9-Sep-2001, 00:47
The bubble level on my Horseman has lost its fluid. Can anyone suggest a suitabl e replacement? The original was clear,ie uncoloured.

pat krentz
9-Sep-2001, 03:55
Go to the hardware store and get a small 2way level, you can take it apart and glue them on seperately or just set it on the camera when you are leveling. Pat

Scott Walton
10-Sep-2001, 09:32
I think this has happened to all of us (if it hasn't... it will) as stated, a hardware store will have a small (1.5") 2 way or there are some 4 way's that I personnally like that are slightly larger. They can be mounted or just placed on the standards when needed. Cheers

Joe Lipka
10-Sep-2001, 10:12
Horseman? Call Calumet on their 800 number and ask to talk to the spare parts people. They stock some levels, and since they sell Horseman, they should have, or be able to order some for you.

Ian Gordon Bilson
11-Sep-2001, 03:08
Thank you for your generous replies. I would prefer to refurbish the original level to keep my Horseman LB standard..so I will pass on the hardware store solutions, good though they are. Although alcohol is the obvious fluid I am concerned that it may evaporate while the epoxy putty sealant I plan to use is curing..could anyone suggest a less volatile liquid thatb might do the trick?

Jorge Gasteazoro
11-Sep-2001, 04:17
alcohol and water. I am no expert here but in chemistry labs we use this combination for various things, and I think it would work in your case. I would suggest a 50/50 mix. good luck!

Ashraf Nassef
12-Sep-2001, 19:11
Hi Ian I do think the fluid is a diluted Fluorescein solution .. it?s provided as ampoules of a brown colored Sol. When diluted it gives that particular color you see in bubble levels.. the intensity of the yellow-green color depends on the dilution. You can get it from pharmacies And shops of medical supplies. We use it in ophthalmology to stain some tissues. It?s relatively difficult to remove it from hands, so use gloves.. however it?s not harmful. Ashraf

Doremus Scudder
15-Sep-2001, 12:26

Which 50/50 mix would you recommend? Absolut? Stolichnaya...? Cheers, ;^D)

Jorge Gasteazoro
15-Sep-2001, 14:40

:-))) Actually I am partial to Glennmorangie 100%

Paul Schilliger
18-Sep-2001, 18:34
Don't forget some antifreeze if you plan on using your camera in the winter!

Dean Lastoria
18-Sep-2001, 18:38
Just a thought, wouldn't it be better to store that bubble level somewhere safe to use for "original" parts and either order the new part or go to the hardwares store. I wonder what all thoes fluids will do to your bellows and lens when (I'm sure it will happen) when they leak? Stock is nice, yes, but sticky is bad, and crystalzed camera parts arn't good, though the shutter would get a good lube and cleaning. also, does the alcohol melt plasic? I dunno. Dean