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20-May-2009, 16:02
Just got from ebay a sealed box of Gevapan 36 4x5 with expire date of 1965. I've had some experience processing some well expired film before, however it wasn't that old and It was a 127 film I used on my plastic camera.
Has anyone done this succesfully ? I believe the results can be quite interesting...

Another thing, on the box says Gevapan 36 I guess 36 is the ISO isn't it ?

Thanks all

Brian Ellis
20-May-2009, 16:22
I believe Gevapan 36 is the equivalent of 400 ASA.

Pat Kearns
20-May-2009, 21:10
I found a very brief mention of Gevapan 36 in an old Photolab Index book. It was made by Agfa-Gevaert listed under their B & W motion picture films. ASA D of 320, and T 250. No developing info was given. I would probably treat it like Tri-X in exposure and development.

John Jarosz
21-May-2009, 05:21
My 1973 Photo Lab index lists Gevapan 36 negative and a Gevapan 36 reversal.

The negative version is listed as ASA 320 for daylight and the reversal is listed as ASA 250 (daylight). I can't find any developing information.


sun of sand
21-May-2009, 15:59
1965 isn't really all that old in terms of shooting for the oddity
Unless kept in the attic it should give decent enough results
I'd shoot it at 125 and do as Tri-X
I'd probably shoot it at 50 or something and dump a bunch of anti-fog into the developer
I've read that anti-fog loses you speed but in another test it was found benzotriazole doesn't =much speed loss ..Haven't done that test yet for myself

Shot a 1974? pack Tri-X basement stored that eventhough quite foggy -w/out anti-fog- printed very nicely. I threw the rest away but the straight print on grade 4 contrast looked really nice. Maybe it was that vintage film or maybe just the chance subject and chance lighting ..should have done a little comparison

sun of sand
26-May-2009, 16:00
I have March 1972 Plus-X 4x5 that I had used a bit of on occasion but since those early sheets it's been stuck in the freeze
Pulled out a box when needed a new box of Tri-X and figured I'd do an unscientific test for you
This film was kept in basement ...very likely kept in normal room conditions as filled with camera inventory that a sane person wouldn't have allowed in harsh storage let alone the shop owner himself
So ..normal conditions likely OR 5 months a year "NY winter refrigeration"

Shot the film at
Dev. Rodinal 1:50 68Deg 12min with 5ml and then 10ml and then 13ml of Orthazite (3% soution Benzo) per 500ml developer
5ml OK
10ml very good
13ml little change

Films shot at 25 and 12 very good
50 underexposed
6 overexposed
I'd estimate the speed at 20+-

Rodinal 10ml Orthazite shot at 20ASA

Undeveloped fixed film took 9 seconds Max black
Plus-X shot accordingly took 15 seconds Max black
Unexposed & developed film should have B+fog of like a stop, I believe
I don't know if testing B+F this way works correctly -or close enough- but that's about a 1 stop difference in time for Max Black on RC paper
Film without Anti-fog takes 24 seconds to Max Black and print doesn't look very good
I estimate about 1.5 stops of fog without anti-fog ..maybe little less.

Print looks fine. Rebate is quite clear. I'd attach a scan but my 3n1 scanner scans look like Sh and digital is on loan

D-76 speed likely 25+ -I used to shoot the film at like 30-50 1:1 with 3-6ml orthazite and got decent enough prints
Xtol maybe 32
Speed enhancing possibly 50 ASA?

Your 320 Gevapan I'd shoot at 50 with 10ml 3% benzotriazole solution

Just read 4cc/ml Benzotriazole PER GALLON D-76 can result in 2 stops of lost speed
Seems exaggerated but..
6ASA was overexposed ..in Rodinal which needs 1/3-1 stop more exposure
Wish I could find that other benzotriazole speed study ...overlooking it or wrong keyword

sun of sand
26-May-2009, 18:26
Just to post a photo I enlarged to 16x20 and made a detail of the most pleasing section
Taken at f16 but primarily focused at 7 feet so not sharp ..plus gentle breeze + 6ASA + orange filter
Fine grain and crisp ..quite linen-like is how I describe the grain structure
Quick straight print G2 RC Dektol 1:1.5 using the overexposed ASA6 as others were too warped from rapid drying to sit in holder ..ASA6 allowed to dry normally
Scanner makes everything flat on normal settings so tried to mimic tones best/quickly as possible