View Full Version : Geared focus for Beseler enlarger

Steve Feldman
18-Oct-2001, 15:12
Anyone out there know about a device called EZFOCUS. A reduction gear add-on for Beseler 45M enlarger. This retrofits to the lens stage focus knob. The crank st yle reduction handle makes several full turns of the crank to equate to a slight movement of the original focus knob. Making very fine focus possible. Thanks for reading this.


Sal Santamaura
18-Oct-2001, 15:57
I have an EZFOCUS on my 23C. Its gears are plastic, and there's a bit of backlash, but overall it was a worthwhile addition. Unfortunately, there have been threads (Here and/or elsewhere? Can't recall) suggesting that Carson Industries has gone out of business since my purchase several years ago.

J. Wolfe
21-Oct-2001, 22:08
They still have a website, but did not respond to two of my phone calls in attempting to order. I wrote them off.