View Full Version : Richard Ritter is great!

Michael Ackerman
20-May-2009, 11:47
Hi all,

I recently sent my Wista SP front standard to Richard hoping he could remove a broken screw and perhaps fashion me a new bellows keeper. He not only removed the screw(for a very reasonable price) but also fashioned a keeper and supplied a screw free of charge!

I am very pleased with his service and support. I will use his services again.

His website is:

Michael Ackerman

John Bowen
20-May-2009, 14:09
Yup, Richard is a class act!

William McEwen
26-May-2009, 11:38
Did you send Richard an e-mail? How long did it take for a reply?

26-May-2009, 11:42
It's well documented here. Call Richard. It works.

26-May-2009, 12:00
I've never had him repair anything for me, but I attended a workshop where he was one of the organizers, and I can tell the world that he is one heck of a nice guy. (A little quiet, though.)
His ULF camera is beautiful!

Mike Castles
26-May-2009, 16:02
As mentioned above, great with repair, one hell of a camera designer/maker and just a great person. Have one of his cameras and would use his services again if I needed to.