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20-May-2009, 09:15
Greetings to everyone:

I just bought a quantity of Fuji CDU II Duplicating Film in 4x5-inch for the purpose of experimenting with cross processing it.

I've reviewed a few threads in other forums regarding cross processing this film in C-41 but other than suggestions to expose it around ASA 6 there isn't much information or many comments about it. Although I believe it was a favorite at one time for cross processing.

Does anyone on this forum have any thoughts or experience with it? I have been cross processing my 4x5-inch Vericolor in E6 with stunning results so I thought I would give the opposite processing technique a try.

Best regards to all and thanks to anyone who might have some thoughts on this.


Jiri Vasina
20-May-2009, 10:19
I have used this film quite a bit for X-process. I rate it at EI 25 and use standard C-41 times for development.

Here you can (http://www.vasina.net/?page_id=139&gallerytag=cduii) see two of the shots on my webpage, albeit only one is in color. I have also shot some portraits with it, it was a bit more difficult to find the correct scanning parameters (to get acceptable white ballance, or tonality I like), but can be used as well. Here is the portrait:

http://www.vasina.net/photos/web/p4x5-011_web.jpg (http://www.vasina.net/)

MPP MicroTechnical Mk.VII, Schneider Xenar 135mm, 45" Fuji CDU II, Amaloco K-54 developer (C-41 equivalent).

To some degree I adjust the tonality during the scanning process, with final modifications later in editing software.

Hope this helps


Drew Wiley
20-May-2009, 15:18
CDU II is simply old-style Astia with tungsten color balance. Because they don't sell much of it, the risk is getting out-of-date film where the highlights can incorrectly
crossover. Just make sure it's been well refrigerated.

21-May-2009, 19:07
Jiri: Thanks for the comments and a nice example photo. Although I rarely if ever photograph people. Scenics are my thing. The colors you got look relatively normal for a cross-processing technique too. I'm hoping for colors more exotic like I'm getting with Vericolor III cross processed. I'll keep your ASA 25 suggestion in mind for a starting point. Thanks again. Bob

Jiri Vasina
21-May-2009, 22:07
Bob, you can get almost any color balance and contrast, because there are no "normal" ("standard") parameters for scanning. Obviously you can not use other C-41 films [as the norm], because of the lack of orange base here. So you get whatever pleases you (and whatever pops on you from the automatic settings on a scanner preview :) )...