View Full Version : Developing 4x5 sheet film in Buenos Aires

20-May-2009, 06:33
I'll be in BsAs for 2 months and I debate taking my 4x5 with me. Can anyone point out a reliable lab in BsAs which develops 4x5, either E6 or B&W?

20-May-2009, 06:39
Hi. I live in Buenos Aires. I dont know if they develop b&w but color for sure: www.megaphoto.com.ar

You can also try in http://www.buenosairescolor.com.ar or www.casajose.com.ar

I can process B&W 4x5 film if you have trouble finding a lab here.

Please let me know if I can help you in any way during your stay in Argentina


Antonio Corcuera
20-May-2009, 18:02
Check out Megaphoto, other than a couple of scratches here and there, they did a great job on a large 4x5 lot. It's located on the edge of Colegiales and Palermo districts; they've got a webpage too (megaphoto.com.ar). There's another lab downtown which should be good too, but I can't recall the name now.
Good luck, BsAs is a fantastic city.

4-Jun-2009, 10:50
Will yo finally come to Argentina? Can you bring me a 4x5 pinhole camera?


12-Jun-2009, 15:43
I use Buenos Aires Color located at Piedras 980 in San Telmo. Here's their website:


I develop black & white and C-41 color in 4x5 and 8x10. Their prices are less than the US.

If you want to buy film, I'd recommend Centro Mayorista at Libertad 434 near the Tribunales Stop on the D-line of the subway. They have a limited selection of 4x5 film. I believe they have TMAX100 and Portra 160 VC and NC. They don't have any 400 speed films last time I checked.


12-Jun-2009, 17:42
I have to agree. Buenos Aires Color located at Piedras 980 in San Telmo is a very good place. While not using it for 4x5 I used it for all kind of 35mm work. Very high quality and professional work.

all the best and enjoy BA