View Full Version : HELP! Uneven development or light leak in Jobo 2509?

20-May-2009, 05:18

I am new to the 4x5 world. I recently purchased my first camera and a used Jobo CPP2 processor.

I am using a 2509 tank with a 6 sheet spiral, 5 minutes pre soak, 300cc TMAX-RS 75 degrees 1:9 dilution for 8.5 minutes. Stop and fixer. Al using position 4 for the motor rotation.

In one of the first batches I developed an unexposed sheet by mistake and I found strange bands in it. I assumed it was the sheet was fogged when loading or unloading.

So I repeated the experience, 3 exposed sheets and one unexposed. This time I used the black accesories that came with the spiral. I thaught it can be a problem with chemistry distribution. The result was the same.

Repeated again, I loaded 2 brand new sheets from the box (Tmax100) This time I was completely sure there was no problem with loading or unloading since I skipped the holder, from the box to the tank. Same results.


In this photo you can se the bands. Exagerated for viewing pourposes.
The two sheets are from diferent batches, and the pattern is ALWAYS the SAME

I discarded: film problems, loading and unloading problems.

I only can think of a light leak in the tank or uneven development. But the patters are SO alike I think it can only be a light leak.

I tried to find the same band pattern in exposed sheets but none of them have them as far as I can see.

Please help me!

Thanks in advance


Richard Littlewood
20-May-2009, 09:02
The only things I can think of using your set-up are not putting the lid of the tank on properly with the red ring, and the other is not having the centre column in the tank. One sure way of knowing if the lid is not on right is to do a dummy run with an empty tank, in the Jobo as usual, then see if any water from the processor has found its way into the tank. I would have thought you used the centre reel holding column, and I cant see it being a dev problem, so I reckon it is either the tank lid or dodgy film.

20-May-2009, 15:58
A user from APUG gave the solution. The entire closed box of TMAX100 was transported from USA to Argentina by plane. I asked USA officials to hand inspect the film but they refused to do that. So the film was damaged by X Rays.

I am sure about that because I developed a negative right out of the box, in a tray, in total darkness. I got the same bands