View Full Version : 150 XL for 8 X 10

adam friedberg
18-Oct-2001, 10:23
get it. it's the sharpest 8x10 lens i've used. i haven't run out of coverage yet. i got the center filter for extreme shifts but 95% of the time i don't need it. i've used it on a toyo with a recessed board and normal bellows but would have preferred a normal board and bag bellows.

David L.
18-Oct-2001, 15:12
Great Lens! Its one of my most used lensed on my 8 x 10. Incredibly sharp with tons of coverage. I definitely recommend a bag bellows and, if you shoot a lot of color (I do), or use a lot of shifts, a center filter.

Natha Congdon
18-Oct-2001, 19:42
Use it a lot for 8X10, certainly it is very sharp w/ great coverage. I have never used or needed a center filter, though I shoot 95%+ B + W. I use it on an Ebony with standard Linhof board and definitely a bag bellows. Otherwise it would be difficult to fully utilize the lens's coverage, I would think. Badger Graphics sells it for ca $1500. There is a place in HK that will beat even that price, but only by a bit. You are buying grey market for those prices, though, not US.


19-Oct-2001, 07:10
this online shop have one of these in second hand for 725# +vat and shipping cha rge http://www.teamworkphoto.co.uk/used.htm

Bill Glickman
20-Oct-2001, 16:51
I use the 150 XL on the Toyo 810MII, it's my favorite 810 lens, very wide but super sharp with no distoration! Bag bellows and center filter mandatory if you shoot color film... It can be a bit cumbersome with the 810M camera as you have to drop the front bed, or it will see it in your image. But the bubble levels will get you through with paralell lens and film plane, but it sure cuts out any available front rise. But when you shoot this wide, its not that often you need it.. But it, it will be your favorite lens for 8x10!