View Full Version : Pyrocatechin Source

19-May-2009, 09:56
I've been using pyrocat HD but today when trying to order Pyrocatechin I was unable to upload the photographer's formulary site (or other prior sources such as Bryant labs in Berkeley, or Artcraft supply).
Can someone tell me a good source for this chemistry?

Gem Singer
19-May-2009, 10:05

Pyrocatechin is listed as Catechol

Ben Hopson
19-May-2009, 10:09
If you do not find an alternative, I would give photographers formulary another try later. Could be they are having server problems.

19-May-2009, 10:23
Thanks for the suggestions. I was able to get the artcraft site to respond after a bit of a wait. I guess its the economy, but I've been getting closed sites and disconnected phone lines so often I'm starting to jump to conclusions.

Jan Pedersen
19-May-2009, 10:32
Formularys site seems to be working fine now.