View Full Version : 22" E.F. Beseler opaque projector lens

18-May-2009, 15:03
I just bought an old opaque projector and I'm curious about this lens. It's 22" focal length, 4 1/2" dia x 6" long. It's a three element design. It cleaned up nicely, a little haze, but not much, only one small scratch, and a nice brass barrel. There are inner rings at 3 3/4" dia. which makes it about f5.8.

The engraving on the lens is: Charles Beseler Company Newark N.J. U.S.A 22"E.F.

I can't find what the E.F. stands for, or anything about the lens. Does anybody know of what effect I'll get with this lens mounted on an 8x10? I know, I should just try it out, but my shoulder is torn up and surgery is in two weeks, so I can't make a custom lens board (no retaining ring), or photograph right now.

8x10 coverage should not be a problem since the projector handles 11"x11" originals. Curiosity will inspire me to get a friend to help mount it and try it out soon. In the meantime, does anyone know about this lens?

btw, the projector is in great working shape. The bellows are tight and flexible, reflectors good, and the bulb & fan work great. All for only $20!

Robert Oliver
18-May-2009, 15:48
E.F. = effective focus.

i haven't seen an opaque projector with a bellows.... great pickup.

18-May-2009, 16:55
Thanks Robert,

Yeah, I did a double take when I saw the bellows too. The design looks old, but it has a plastic lens cap, so I don't know the age. Beseler's tag lists serial number, but no mfg date.

The craigslist ad is still up at the time of this post, here's the link:

I've needed an opaque for a while, so it will be put to good use!

Jim Galli
19-May-2009, 10:06
It should make lovely head and shoulder portraits if you have32+ inches of bellows. Something else do-able is playing with the spacers. If you got lucky and found suitable tubing the same size as the internal spacers, you can cut new ones that moves that center lens rearward perhaps 1/2 to 1 inch. That will give you an image with a nice 'buzz' if you have any interest in soft focus. You would basically be doing the same thing as a Universal Heliar of a Cooke Portronic except without the nice convenient controls.

20-May-2009, 15:20
Thanks Jim, that's cool!

I'm sure I have something in the shop to use as replacement spacer sleeves.

I've haven't been into soft focus before, but after hanging out here this past few months, I'm intrigued and inspired. I plan on branching out and trying some soft focus and portrait work. Unfortunately that has to wait until I can photograph again after both shoulder surgeries are done and rehab complete. The right shoulder is finally scheduled for June 1st.

It's nice to know, I was hoping I picked up a dual use toy when I got that projector!