View Full Version : Calumet C-2 and C-2-N film holders

7-Sep-2001, 15:12
Anybody know if there's a difference between Calumet's C-2 and C-2-N roll film h olders?

David E. Rose
7-Sep-2001, 18:54
I had a C-2. It was all metal. Ibelieve the current design has some plastic parts.

Joseph Dickerson
7-Sep-2001, 20:31
Hi Arthur,

C-2N is the newer version. Now made by Cambo in Holland. It seems (opinion) that it?s now a bit more reliable. I?ve had both and with the ?N? version I have yet to have any overlapping negatives.

The new version is all black, while the older model had a silver winding crank/whe

Richard Stum / Kinesis
7-Sep-2001, 21:23
I have made several posts on this forum (or the Medium Format forum of photo.ne t) about this very issue. Rather than repeat in detail, let me say: C2 ( I have two of them) has spacing problems, only 9 good frames per roll (not 10). Both C2 and C2N have film flatness problems which took me forever to detect (I thought it was my new/used 65/4 lens and/or board). The flatness was f ixed by a little gaffer tape (seriously). Email me for further info.

Richard Stum / Kinesis
9-Sep-2001, 12:38
Several of you have e-mailed my directly regarding "how to fix your back with ga ffer's tape." I just posted a page with pix on it for your enjoyment. It is at: < http://www.kinesisgear.com/opinion.html> I also posted some stuff about another pet peeve of mine ? Sekonic meter problems.

Cameron Attree
23-Aug-2004, 04:33
Hi everyone, Just wondering if the Cambo 6x12 C2N roll film holder I've seen on the Calumet Photo site has the same inherent problems that I have read about with regard to the older Calumet version? Has the design changed or is it the same back with a different name? I'm a fairly new 4x5" user and have just purchased a Shen-Hao and I have been using an old Horseman 6x12 back but find removing the ground glass to fit the back a little tedious. Regards, Cameron. http://www.wildfirephotos.com.au