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Peter York
17-May-2009, 20:57
Hi all,

The Meridian 45b is my primary 4x5 camera, and I also own a 45a just in case something happens to the b version. When I purchased these, I stupidly stripped them of the Kalart rangefinders, thinking that I would never use them. Well, now I would like to. I have all the parts in ziplock bags, but I am not sure if they are complete/functional.

If you own a Meridian with a rangefinder, could you please post or email me some pics of the rangefinder. I am especially interested in what the rangefinder "arm" looks like inside the camera, and how it attaches to the focusing rails of the camera bed. I have tried searching the web, but there are few pics of these cameras, and most are not helpful w.r.t. my situation.

Thank you,


18-May-2009, 15:34
Hi Peter, I am a new member here, though I have been reading and using it for some time now. I am in the middle of restoring a Meridian 45b and have the Kalart rangefinder. However in it's state right now I don't think it will be much use to you. I hope to be putting it back together in the next few nights and I will post some pictures (if I can) at that time. You may have an answer by then, but I will keep a watch.

Ivan J. Eberle
18-May-2009, 21:08
Sorry, my 45B apparently never has had a rangefinder installed. (The holes are there in the body casting, but the naugahyde over them is intact.)

Doremus Scudder here is also familiar with Meridians, as is Glenn Thoreson.

30-May-2009, 11:23

I'm feeling ya on this one. Maybe we can help each other out. I am almost done with mine and I will go take some pictures of the linkage, but I am missing something. Hopefully you will have that part and we will come up with something.

Back in a few

30-May-2009, 13:28
Sorry for the hold up Peter, I got a little side tracked when I walked out there to mess with camera stuff. Here are a few pictures and I hope they help from this end.
My small digi cam is not real good with close ups, so the first two are a bit sub standard.


Glenn Thoreson
30-May-2009, 18:23
I can tell you a little bit. The end of the arm that mounts on the shaft goes on with the set screw facing toward the end of the shaft. It looks, from Jody's picture, like there is a piece on the focus rail that the little swinging arm meets up with. It should be fairly obvious with the arm installed. Now for the tricky part - The shaft should have flats out on the end, where you can turn it with a tiny wrench. You will probably have to make a wrench to fit those flats. It can only be an inch or so long, or it won't fit into the available space. You need to turn the shaft to the rear, as the arm would when retracting the rails. Turn it back until it stops. Don't force it! You must hold the shaft in that position, while the arm is held against the actuating stop on the focus rails, while you tighten the set screw. It is NOT the easiest thing you will ever do. When done properly it gives the start for infinity focus adjustment. You should not have to do anything to this part again. If not done properly, nothing else will work right. Now, you're ready to go to www.graflex.org and do a search for instructions on adjusting the rangefinder. All adjustments are under the cover and it's fiddly. Be prepared to have lots of patience. BTW, Jody's arm looks to have a very improper set screw. :D

30-May-2009, 22:27
Hey Glenn, yeah no doubt my set screw is not original. I will have to re-read this tomorrow,because I don't understand most of the post. it seems like you may be referring to parts that don't exist on my camera. I am going to try and take some more detailed pictures tomorrow to find out what i might be missing. It seems like there could just be a pin sticking out of one of the holes for the arm to rest on and all would be fine. Maybe I am misunderstanding something. Honestly, I have so much time, effort, and growing of love for this camera, I just want to make it right. All help is appreciated.


31-May-2009, 11:53
I have just found this question.

My Meridian B has an original Kalart rangefinder. The connection to the shaft shown so far in this thread is somewhat different from the mine. The photos are for a Hugo-Meyer rangefinder by the way.

Let me know if you need a photos and I will try to send them to this thread or maybe directly.

31-May-2009, 14:30
rfesk, the linkage/actuator arm would be the same for either the Kalart or Hugo-Meyer wouldn't it? I know the post for a Kalart is square in form rather than the round of the Hugo, but it comes through the same hole and therefore in the same position, right?

31-May-2009, 18:00
Yes, but mine has a type of return spring on it. And has two set screws. Give me a day or so and I will try to post some photos.

31-May-2009, 18:59
That would be great rfesk, thank you

4-Jun-2009, 09:22
Peter, wondering if you got anything put together?

here is a shot of mine put back together.


30-Jul-2009, 17:28
A shot I took this past weekend.

Ektar 203mm 7.7
Ilford Delta 100
f45- 6 mins 30sec
Clayton F76+ developer 6 mins 30 sec

Bold City Brewery Jacksonville, Fl