View Full Version : Film Changing Bags - Are they Light Tight for Infrared Film?

Andre Noble
8-Sep-2001, 09:12
Thanks all to replying to previous question on speeding up changing sheet film i nside a changing bag.

Here's another: I am using the Macophot infrared sheet film, and would like to also change this infrared film inside this ("Delta" brand?) generic film changin g bag I am presently using for my other film.

Opportunities for using a dark room/closet at night are scarce right now.

Can someone with definitive experience (as opposed to conjecture) answer the fol lowing question :Will my IR film be safe using this type of bag, or will my fil m be fogged? Thanks in advance for your reply. Andre

Sandy Sorlien
8-Sep-2001, 13:03
Andre, all I know is, the Kodak High-Speed Infrared definitely gets fogged in that kind of bag. That's about 900 nanometers, so if the Maco is the same sensitivity, I would beware.

Andre Noble
9-Sep-2001, 12:47
Sandy, that sounds definitive enough. Thanks for the tip. Andre