View Full Version : 200 lpi grayscale instead of steptablet

Martin Kapostas
18-Oct-2001, 03:50

Here in Slovakia is hard to buy an stetablet. I decided to construct one in Adob e Illustrator with 5% steps and print it out in 200 lpi right on film. (image se tter) What you think, any comments ?

Thanks a lot


Pete Andrews
18-Oct-2001, 06:36
Hmmm. Dots is dots, they ain't grey.I'm not convinced it'll work, but give it a try.

Martin Kapostas
18-Oct-2001, 09:08
Dots are dots. This is why I choose so dens screen (200 lpi).

Pete Andrews
22-Oct-2001, 06:19
Martin, if you write to Lee Filters, and request a lighting gel sample book, then they'll send you a sample of all their lighting gels. This includes samples of ND material in 0.15, 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, and 1.2 densities. The samples are about 25 x 75 mm in size. More than enough to make up a small step tablet.The address to write to is:Lee FiltersCentral WayWalworth Industrial EstateAndoverHampshire SP10 5ANEngland

As far as I know, there is still no charge for their sample swatches, but it would be courteous to enclose an SAE with sufficient return postage to cover the ~200gms weight of the swatch book.