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paul owen
17-Oct-2001, 15:53
Rather a strange one (for a change), but someone may be able to help! I've seen an Ademco 2226 hard bed press for sale, but the seller thinks that it may need o ne of the heating elements replaced. My question is thus: are the necessary rep lacement part(s) readily available (in the UK?) and if so, are they easy to repl ace? MANY thanks for any advice! Regards Paul

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
18-Oct-2001, 07:20
I have an Ademco 2226 Press like this that is about 18 years old and costed a fortune then. On the front of it there is the address from that time ADEMCO Ltd, Coronation Rd, High Wycombe, Bucks,England. To my knowlegde the company is still in existens some said they had merged with Seal so also look for their adress in England. I think the heating element is made from resistant wire like the element in a toaster so contact an old and experienced electrician and ask for his advice.

Shahnaz Bohlouli
7-Feb-2006, 04:18
Dear sir
We work in national archives of Iran in conservation dept. and we want to buy some instruments for our restoration department, we have used two of ademco presses later, we bought them from ademco company about 15 & 30 years ago, now we want to buy another one so if it is possible
- please send us its specifications and other your conservational products, and their catalogue
- their buying format and prices,
- how we can buy and pay,
thank you very much
please send me the answers as soon as possible
Shahnaz Bohlouli