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bob carnie
14-May-2009, 13:38
So this weekend I am about to process some rather large sheets of film exposed from my Lambda.
I am thinking for a developer HC110 but not sure which dilution/ time,
I will be using Rollie Ortho 25 film with laser exposure.
I want to start with 20x24 image area and for the beginning tests use trays.
Any thoughts on Dillution and or time in the dev with large single sheets???
or any other developer suggestions??

14-May-2009, 16:16
The use of unusual materials and equipment will eventually force you to establish useful test procedures to be able to make your own judgements for best results. Other people can give you some numbers but it will always be hit and miss unless the time is taken to establish the basic procedures. :)

robert fallis
15-May-2009, 07:57
if your using ortho film then you can develop under a safe light..I use Jim Galli's method.. time. your development until the full image appears say 2mins, and that is 1/4 of the development time, to develop fully would be 8 mins but really just play around until you get the results that you want, sometimes with ortho film a weak paper developer gives you a fuller tonal range, I use 1:20


17-May-2009, 06:39
I would use a diluted solution. This helps avoid getting to much highlight development. I cant speak to HC 110 as I use d 76 and HP5. The reason for longer development times with a diluted concentration is as follows. Say normal development is 7 minutes and you have a normal minus 2 situation where less development is called for to get the highlights correct. With a diluted developer you have less chance of overdeveloping. If 15 minutes is normal with 11 minutes being and n-2 you wont be overexposing if your development time and pour times are a bit off. With a 7 minute developing time you have to slice your minus time exactly to avoid over development. You will need to test to figure out what the extended times are for your gear and there are many posts on this forum on how to do this.