View Full Version : Articles on the front page

14-May-2009, 11:53
The latest article on the front page is about 2 yrs old. Are we going to get any new articles?

Pete Watkins
14-May-2009, 13:10
You could always write one.
If you won't why should anybody else?

14-May-2009, 14:17
I think there are many nice posts during the last two yrs. Maybe someone can just post it on the front page.

Gem Singer
14-May-2009, 15:06
You cannot post directly on the front page.

You need to write an article and submit it to QT. If it meets his criteria, he publishes the article under the proper category on the front page.

Brian Ellis
16-Oct-2009, 07:35
Speaking of old stuff, don't any of the "post yer . . . . " threads ever get sent to a recycle bin? The "new" color landscape thread was started over two years ago. If these things are going to sit around forever and get bumped to the first page every time someone puts a new one in, maybe it's time to create a new category for them so that they can be ignored after a while.

David Karp
16-Oct-2009, 10:18
As mentioned above, if there is something you think is missing, or that you have to offer, it is a good thing to write an article for the home page. I enjoyed doing it, and felt like I was giving something back for all of the help I received when I first started reading the static pages. I am sure that there are lots of things that different folks could think of that deserve an article.

My recommendation is to contact Q.T. and ask him if he felt that an article on whatever subject interests you would be worthwhile. That is what I did. If he gives the go ahead, then jump on it and have some fun.