View Full Version : New Newsletter - The 37th Frame by Mike Johnston

Kerry L. Thalmann
6-Sep-2001, 12:59
I just noticed that Mike Johnston is publishing a new newsletter called The 37th Frame and wondered if anyone has had a chance to read a copy yet. More info at :


Many of you are probably familiar with Mike from his days as editor at Photo Tec hniques USA and Camera & Darkroom. Mike was also an active participant on the C ompuserve Large Format Photo Forum in days gone by. I always felt that Mike did a commendable job when he was the editor of Photo Techniques USA. So, although his new newletter isn't large format specific (neither was Camera & Darkroom no r is/was Photo Techniques USA - as a large format photographer I found/find both worthwhile reading), I'm interested to hear if any of you have subscribed and w hat you think of it. In the past, even when working for commercial publications , Mike wasn't shy about expressing his opinions. Given the total lack of advert ising support (and influence) his new publication sounds like it has great poten tial. So, anybody seen a copy yet? What did you think?


Ed Buffaloe
6-Sep-2001, 14:17
That was the name of his column in one of the magazines he used to work for. I'll buy a subscription, just to see what he has to say, but I fear it will be one of those projects that will die after a few years. Small press publishing is a labor of love, but it's also a lot of hard work. He really should get set up to accept subscriptions over the net.

Micah Marty
6-Sep-2001, 22:29
There's a sample of Mike's recent writing on the luminous-landscape website: