View Full Version : Lens recommendations for F&S 7x17 camera?

Gene McCluney
14-May-2009, 11:26
OK, I have a few lenses that will work, a 12" uncoated Dagor in shutter, a 360mm Sironar-N in shutter, possibly a wider Kowa Graphic.

Looks like the camera only has about 17" of bellows draw, stretched completely out, so if I wanted to use a longer than about 14" lens I would have to put it on a top-hat lensboard (which I could make).

Just would like to know what others do for this type of camera?

Doug Howk
14-May-2009, 13:34
Ilex Kenro 265mm covers my 7X17. Its currently at LensN2Shutter so plan on trying a 19" Artar while waiting for repair.

14-May-2009, 13:49
Whatever will cover 11x14 should work for 7x17. What works best for you depends on how you see with the format. I favor a wider view and my favorite lens for it is still a 10 3/4" Dagor. Your 12" isn't that much different. A 10" WF Ektar works well. And I have a 10x12 Protar V (about 212mm) for a wider view. On the longer end, I have a 355 G-Claron which came highly recommended. It does look like a great lens for the format, with much coverage and a modern reliable shutter.