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14-May-2009, 10:37

not sure I saw this mentioned elsewhere on this forum (if it was, forgive my double posting, I must have missed it) - but it might be of interest to some:


Highlighting the strength of its commitment to all forms of analog photography, HARMAN technology is once again staging its ‘No M.O.Q’ ULF ordering window. This annual initiative, which is now in its fourth year, allows Ultra Large Format (ULF) photographers to order sheet film from the manufacturer’s ILFORD PHOTO black and white brand, free from the constraints of minimum order quantities (M.O.Qs).

Runs until July 3rd 2009.

Jiri Vasina
14-May-2009, 10:45
Claudio, it's main domain of mention is I think APUG.org (where Simon R. Galley from Ilford/Harman is a member and a keen contributor), so it might not have been specifically posted here (the info usually leaks here, anyway). But even if it was already mentioned, some who might be interested might have missed it. To order, you have to place the order through one of the sellers mentioned in the press release.

I personally have bought HP5 film in one of the past ULF runs...

Gem Singer
14-May-2009, 10:55
There is a two page spread outlining this information in the latest issue of View Camera magazine, submitted by Simon Galley.