View Full Version : 105 Tessar on Crown Graphic?

13-May-2009, 17:03
I shoot portraits often in some very tight places. The 135 Schneider Xenar just can't get a full body shot in on 3.25 x 4.24 Fujiroid at close range. So, I had a 105mm Tessar kicking around from a 1930s/20s Voigtlander Avus clone and I gave it a whirl. It worked, but the resolution and contrast of the image was seriously lacking. Is this par for the course or is this just a bad lens? I have a similar Skopar I could try. BTW, the image coverage was fine with little fall-off.

RA Friedman, principle photographer
Tsirkus Fotografika

Chuck Pere
13-May-2009, 17:55
Is the lens dirty? Lot's of those older Tessar lenses need the haze cleaned out between the front elements.

Glenn Thoreson
14-May-2009, 16:45
I assume you're talking about color. That particular lens is not corrected for color work. It focuses the colors at slightly different planes. Internal reflections don't help, either. For color, you should get a newer coated lens. A 105 Ektar would be better. A modern lens would be better yet. Maybe one of the Polaroid MP-4 lenses would b an option. Mostly overlooked, they are excellent lenses.

Dan Fromm
15-May-2009, 01:41
Glenn, are you sure that pre-WWII CZJ Tessars aren't corrected for color? I ask because my two (130/6.3, 150/6.3, both made in 1912) have made some very sharp 2x3 Ektachromes.

Also, your experience with MP-4 lenses as taking lenses at distance is very different from mine. I've tried three 135/4.5s on 2x3, all were lousy. Never had a 105/4.5 so can't report on it. Don't know whether this reflects variations between individual lenses or between photographers.

The CU-5 127/4.7, now, is a fine lens, at least on 2x3, at all distances.