View Full Version : Comments on Fujinon W 210mm/5.6 please.

Peter Brown
6-Sep-2001, 22:12
Hi all,

I've just purchased a Fujinon W 210mm/5.6 lens. I haven't received it yet but could any users comment on the best working aperture for this lens? How does it perform at wider apertures? Does it have any quirks I should be aware of?

Thanks for any comments.


Peter Brown

Bruce M. Herman
7-Sep-2001, 00:24
I have one. Mine is quite sharp at all apertures that I use -f16 and smaller. It also delivers sharp images at 1/2x lifesize (i.e., a subject that is about 8x10").

On the downside, all of my Fuji lenses seem to be more prone to flare than either my Rodenstock or Schneider lenses.

Overall a very good lens.


Dave Willison
7-Sep-2001, 10:16

Take a look at the following site which lists test resolution data for the Fujinon 210 W along with the 210 Nikor, Rodenstock and Schneider:


I have used the Fujinon 210W for about four years and have been very pleased with the results. I find the lens to be extremely flexible and I use it on 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10. It functions well in a studio setting and as a landscape lens. I normally shoot at small apertures (f22) so I can't speak to the performance of the lens when used wide open. I'm a big fan of Fujinon lenses, particularly since they tend to cost less on the used market than some other prominent lenses. I also use two medium format Fujinon rangefinder cameras (6x7 and 6x9) and I find that they produce similar results.