View Full Version : Movements with 90mm on Wisner Traditional?

Ben Hopson
6-Sep-2001, 21:45
Just curious as to what if any movements are possible using a 90mm Angulon on a Traditional. Right now I am using the 90, a 135 and 210 on a Graphic View. I use the 90 and 210 quite a bit and might not want to change back and forth to a bag bellows. I can live with some tilt to increase my range of sharp focus. The Wis ner spec sheet says minimum focus is 58mm with the standard bellows, but I have read that a bag is necessary for lenses under 135mm. I don't know if that means there are no movements or that movements are restricted. Any first hand knowledg e would be much appreciated.

William Marderness
6-Sep-2001, 22:05
I have first-hand experience with this camera. Sure, you can focus a 90mm, but you get next to no movemnts. With a 120mm, you get a little movement. Even a 135mm works best with the bag bellows, although the regualar bellows is okay too, for 135mm.