View Full Version : 90mm Super Angulon with MicroTechnical MkV11

Danny boy
11-May-2009, 12:31
I have recently got a Schneider 90mm super angulon lens for my M.P.P Micro Technical MkV11 5x4 camera. I have an m.p.p lens board which has a raised bit in the centre. When the lens and the board are in the standard it has to be right back inside the housing of the camera before anything, up to about 10m, becomes in focus. The problem is that I cannot use any movements with the lens board right back inside the housing. With my 150mm lens I place that on the rails until it clicks into place and then focus with it. I thought that with a 90mm I would be able to take some interior photographs but with the standard being back inside the housing not allowing movements it would be difficult. Could anyone suggest where I might be going wrong? Am I using the correct lens board?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you