View Full Version : Sinar Auto Aperture cables - help please!

Lachlan 717
11-May-2009, 02:10
Can someone smart please let me know what cables are required for a Sinar Auto Aperture to simply fire it?

I want to use it for old barrel lenses, not DB mount. Thus, I will set the aperture on the lens, not the Sinar (probably look to use both the old brass and the Sinar wide open anyway). I just want it to work as a simple timed shutter.

Do I just need a single cable? Will a "standard" cable release work (there's no Sinar dedicated cables with the one that I am looking at).

Many thanks in advance,


Struan Gray
11-May-2009, 02:47
You need a Sinar dedicated cable release. The tip is very long, and I at least haven't found any other releases that will work.

You *don't* need the auto stop-down cable. It's a useful refinement in the studio, but a flappy pain-the-rear solution in search of a problem in the field.

You can trip the shutter with a long, straight, rigid rod. A long hex key or fine-tipped screwdriver will do the trick. However, I have never managed to do this without moving the front standard: you need the push-pull action of a threaded release.

The releases can be stupidly expensive in the US (new or eBay), but they are much more reasonably priced on the used market in Europe. eBay.de is a good source with a plentiful supply of the cables. MXV in the UK (mxv.co.uk) quite often have them for 30 or so.

Merg Ross
11-May-2009, 07:59
I use mine for barrel only, with the dedicated release.

This older thread has a "do it yourself" solution for the necessary long throw release.