View Full Version : Polaroid going bankrupt: materials for LF ?

Pierre Kervella
16-Oct-2001, 06:12
Does anyone have informations about the future of the Polaroid materials for LF photography after the company bankruptcy ?

More financial infos on: http://biz.yahoo.com/n/p/prd.html

Larry Huppert
16-Oct-2001, 17:22
The Polaroid website has a "letter to customers" posted.

It says in part:

"Going forward, Polaroid intends to continue to manufacture, market and distribute our core instant imaging products, and to continue to provide the high quality service and support for these products that our customers expect."

Anything could happen, but their statement makes me believe they would like to keep instant film in production.

Jonathan Brewer
16-Oct-2001, 20:59
I had my Polaroid on the market, but have decided to keep it in addition to my Polaroid back, in a belief that somehow, someway, we'll have instant film for the forseeable future. I don't think it's that much of a gamble, at least not in terms of my converted packfilm camera since fuji has instant packfilm.

I'd be willing to bet that the number of polaroid films we now have to choose from is going to dwindle to just a few, but there are just to many Polaroid backs, Polaroid cameras, for the market to be completely ignored(I hope).

Actually for anyone who's willing to gamble, just about anything polaroid can be had for a fraction of what it preveiously sold for, just check out e-bay. SX-70's(always wanted one, and recently got two), converted 110A's, Polaroid 8x10 processors and backs( a real gamble!) are going for a fraction of their former price.

I don't relish the idea of paying out the kind of money they're asking now for digital backs, when I know they're going to get better and cheaper, they always do.

Mat Nikon
15-Jan-2002, 09:30
I bought a Polaroid 550 holder December last year. Can I use Fuji instant film for the holder?