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8-May-2009, 08:52
I managed to develop my own E-6 on jobo, using Kodak's 5L E-6 kit. As I searched online, I don't find such a Kodak kit for C-41. What do I need to process c-41? I would like to have chemical in small amount.

8-May-2009, 09:07
Tetenal have C-41 in 1L and 5L packs. I develop my 8x10 slides in their E-6 chemicals and I am happy with the results even though I do not have the most accurate temperature control.

8-May-2009, 09:42
Freestyle Photo sells C41 kits in several sizes


I have used this kit with decent results with both 120 roll film and 4x5 sheets

It is really pretty easy

Mark Barendt
8-May-2009, 09:47
I'm just getting started to and looking at these guys.


Gudmundur Ingolfsson
8-May-2009, 09:47
E-6 is very easy in the Jobo. C-41 is rather difficult because the developer time (color developer) is very short, only 3 min 15 sec. 4x5" is OK in the Expert 3010 but any bigger sheet is risky. The 5x7" or 8x10" color negative sheet is so expensive and the risk of uneven development is so high that I send it to a dependable lab in Germany. Take that from a guy that has run his own JOBO Autolab for 20 years.

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
8-May-2009, 10:04
Those are dependable labs for big sheet C-41 processingin the US.

Bruce Watson
8-May-2009, 10:21
Head on over to APUG and spend some time in the Color Forum's archives. This topic has been discussed several times in the last few years and there are a number of interesting issues and solutions discussed there. The biggest issue perhaps is separate beach and fix vs. a combined "blix." There's at least one (retired) Kodak film engineer participating who makes excellent arguments for separating the bleach and fix steps. Well worth reading before you decide on a chemical kit.

Oren Grad
8-May-2009, 10:23
There's been some discussion of this over at APUG. It remains pretty confusing for the beginner.

At the Kodak website you can find lists of products that make up the C-41 processing sequence. But it's hard to find a vendor, at least on the web, who lists exactly the products that Kodak names as being appropriate for small-volume rotary processor use, sells them in a size convenient to the small user, and is willing to ship. You're left having to figure from among the products that do seem to be available, how to assemble a sequence that's functionally equivalent. Once you figure it out you're OK, but it's opaque for the beginner.

The all-in-one kits are convenient, but Ron Mowrey is extremely skeptical about the blixes used in these kits - he strongly advises using separate bleach and fix as specified by Kodak.

EDIT: My post crossed with Bruce's. Ron is the retired Kodak engineer that Bruce mentions.

Richard M. Coda
8-May-2009, 10:31
I have never done color processing in my Jobo (or anywhere else for that matter). Using the Unicolor Kit, after I mix the chemistry, can I portion it off into 8-oz. bottles and freeze it? I can only see myself using 8-oz at a time and I don't shoot much color.

8-May-2009, 11:15
Assuming you are in the US, Adorama sells and will ship what you need frrom Kodak, but not in a kit. You need developer, bleach, fixer and stabilizer. Look for the chemstry in one gallon and 5 liter sizes and make a full set from that and then consult Kodak's website for development instructions.

I have had no issues with the Kodak chemistry at home, but get very poor results from the Tetenal powders with combined blix.

8-May-2009, 13:43
Thanks everyone, I am heading to apug to do some reading. :)

Gene McCluney
8-May-2009, 13:46
It is generally acknowledged that the Kodak (brand) chemistry is the gold standard for C41 and E6. If you use Kodak chemistry, as recommended by Kodak, your negatives and transparencies will have the best archival results. As a commercial photographer, I know it can be hard to determine what is needed from Kodak. Kodak "used" to make 1 gallon "kits" for both E6 and C41 and they don't any more, which makes it harder to decide what to order. I think Kodak only makes C41 Developer Replenisher now, so you have to purchase developer starter, in addition to the Replenisher to make a working-solution developer. Same may be true now for the bleaches, needing to purchase a starter component.

For the hobbiest, the bottom line is this..if you are going to process a dozen rolls a month or less, then there is no really economical choice from Kodak. You will toss out a lot of mixed working solutions.

13-Aug-2010, 12:25
I use this source for C41 Chemicals.


Jan Pedersen
13-Aug-2010, 15:24
I have had good results with Tetenal's 5L kit but the kit does not have separate Bleach and Bix if that is a must.
Freestyle just launched a new kit,
According to the discussions on APUG it is Fuji chemistry repackaged by Maco in Germany.
I have developed a few 120 rolls with this new kit and the negatives looks great.
The price for the Digibase C41 kit is quite reasonable so give it a try.

D. Bryant
13-Aug-2010, 19:04
I have never done color processing in my Jobo (or anywhere else for that matter). Using the Unicolor Kit, after I mix the chemistry, can I portion it off into 8-oz. bottles and freeze it? I can only see myself using 8-oz at a time and I don't shoot much color.


I use the Unicolor kit for processing 4x5 and smaller on a Jobo. I mix the BLIX and stabalizer but I keep the developer divided and mix only the required amount. By doing this the chemicals stay fresh a long time.


14-Aug-2010, 10:05
I have been using Tetenal 5 liter kit for 2 years now. This stuff is great. It can be used at 86 100 or 113 degrees. All the chemicals in the kit are liquid and easy to mix. I can develop two batches of film on my jobo (24 sheets 4x5) with only 700ml chemical. I use 86 degrees 8 min dev and 6 min bleachfix rinse and stabilize in a tray. And using the new KODAK EKTAR film it will knock your socks of with the dynamic range and color saturation. I have used other C41 kits with mixed results. I have never had a problem with Tetnal 5 liter kit except the price. Now about 69 dollars from B&H. If anybody knows of a cheaper source please post.