View Full Version : Looking for Dynalite Out fit.

neil poulsen
16-Oct-2001, 03:42
Does anyone know of a good reliable souce for used Dynalite strobes and powerpac ks. I've been looking for ages, and can't see to find what I need.

Scott Walton
16-Oct-2001, 09:49
I've seen them on Ebay once in awhile... I'm certainly not going to sell mine! :)

neil poulsen
16-Oct-2001, 10:34
EBay has been the primary site at which I've been looking. I was thinking of a reliable dealer, perhaps. I'm keeping my eye open for 2000 watt-second power packs and the standard head with built in reflector.

Scott Walton
16-Oct-2001, 12:53
Why the 2000? Well I might answer my own question but the 1000's are a whole lot lighter and smaller. I have a few of the 1000's (commercial shooter doing tabletop and location stuff) and have NEVER been at a loss! You will probably have an easier time finding a 1000 pack than you will of the 2000!!! Cheers

Ellis Vener
16-Oct-2001, 18:05
Also try flash Clinic in New York City.

Ellis Vener
16-Oct-2001, 18:07
Besides Flash Cinic also try Lens & Repro , Ken Hansen Photographic, and Fotocare, all in NYC, all extremely reputable professional outfits. there is also Helix Camera in Chicago, and you might want to give Calumet Photographic a try as well.