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7-May-2009, 06:53
Sorry - another "what lens" question...

I have the opportunity to acquire either of these 2 lenses, and I wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction as to which one they might choose?

The 58 being an XL lens will give me plenty of room for movements on 5x4".

The 65 not being an XL - will I be limited much?

Only 7mm difference in focal length - won't make much of a difference.

Both f5.6 but I guess both equally difficult to focus on the ground screen.

Both Super Angulon.

Both requiring a center filter for transparencies?

So I guess I'm asking if there will be much of a difference between the two in image quality?

The 58XL is more expensive of course, but I guess you pays your money...

Thanks in advance for any info.

7-May-2009, 07:37
In all the points mentioned, it all depends on how much is much for you... If I don't know how much is much for me I wouldn't care about much...

7-May-2009, 07:43
With the 65 SA you don't have movement on 4x5, with the 58XL you will have about 1cm of movement.
I have a 58XL and like it, esp for interior shots.


Phil Hudson
7-May-2009, 07:49
If the 65 is a f/5.6 version then they both have about the same image circle (which gives very small movements on 4x5). Depending on your "taste", shooting transparencies would probably require a center filter - the falloff on my 58XL is very noticeable without one. The 65 would be marginally better in this respect due to the smaller angle of view.

Len Middleton
7-May-2009, 08:00
Don't discount the "slight" difference in focal length and the different perspective that might result.

A 7mm difference between 600mm lenses is only about a 1% variation. At 58mm and 65mm, it is over a 10% difference...

You might want to find a way of giving it a try (e.g. renting simialr lenses).

An alternate consideration is you can crop picture with a 58mm lens to give you the same image as the 65mm (with little loss in image quality), but not the other way around.

Just some thoughts,


7-May-2009, 08:21
Check your camera, too. My Cambo will focus a 65/5.6 on a recessed lens board and with bag bellows without working any miracles. But a 58, probably not. Different cameras have more or fewer limitations than my Cambo, so check to be sure.

Rick "observing that 65 seems to be the minimum focal length accommodated by the design envelope of a lot of 4x5 cameras" Denney

Eric Woodbury
7-May-2009, 10:29
You can always crop the 58mm by 10% to make it look like 65mm. If you are a "wide freak", as I am, go with the 58mm. If not, then the 65mm is good too, and a bit easier to control.

Also, think about how the rest of your lenses are spaced (or will be spaced).

Ron Marshall
7-May-2009, 10:43
I have a 55 and a 75. I could have replaced both with a 65, but when I want to go wide 55 is what I want; I have no desire to go wider to a 47.

Only you can say if 65 is as wide as you want to go.

I use a center filter on 75 with transparencies.

Neither of these lenses will permit much movement.

As others have said, go for the 58 and crop, if needed.

12-May-2009, 17:39
Thanks everyone for the replies. I had heard some comments about the 58XL exhibiting some CA - does anyone else know of this?