View Full Version : Gra Lab 450

scott palmer
15-Oct-2001, 22:49
I have a Gra Lab 450 timer that was apparently blown out by my cold light. It se ems to have screwed up the reset mechanism. Sometimes when I hit the switch it c omes on for a second and then resets itself without out exposing for the set num ber of seconds. Does anybody out there have any experience with this sort of thi ng, or know how to fix the problem -- can it be fixed, how, how much, etc?

I bought a Zone VI compensating timer to use with my cold light, but I'd like to bring this one back to life for contact printing with Azo -- hence, no need for cold light.

Thanks, Scott

David Richhart
16-Oct-2001, 15:19
Scott... If you "double-click" the bar that starts the exposure,or if you keep it depressed for too long, it is possible to accidentaly stop the exposure. I have done this more than a few times with my fat and fumbly fingers. -Dave