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Keith Tapscott.
6-May-2009, 12:01
Does anyone use this brand of Cameras? I like the look of the 8x10, but was wondering what is thought about these Cameras.


Lachlan 717
6-May-2009, 16:09
They're fine. Well built for the cost.

Others here will no doubt rabbit on about Ebony, Chamonix etc cameras being far better; however, Shen Hao is a bang-for-your-bucks brand.

If you're more concerned with using the camera to take photos rather than to impress others with, look no further.

If you're more concerned with saving money on the camera so as to buy better glass, look no further.

If you're more concerned about getting the image than getting the patina scratched, look no further.

Plus, if you want something special/different, Mr Zheng is more than happy to try to do it for you. Just email him.


Gordon Moat
6-May-2009, 18:31
I have been happily using an HZX45-AII for a few years. It travels well, and has been ultra reliable. I hear mention that the Shen-Hao 8x10 cameras are even more well made.


Gordon Moat Photography (http://www.gordonmoat.com)

Jiri Vasina
6-May-2009, 22:38
My brother has a 5x7 Shen Hao and is more than happy with it. Well built, stable, easy to use, and was cheaper than other options. When we compared it with my Chamonix 5x8, the differences in usability, quality,... are only subtle.

Would I recommend a Shen Hao? yes. Would I recommend a Chamonix? yes.

7-May-2009, 08:11
A search turned up nothing? The archives must be full of threads.

I've got a FCL810. Goes wider then you'd have reason to with an 8x10. Goes more then long enough for landscape use. Very light weight.

Keith Tapscott.
7-May-2009, 08:53
The FCL810 seems to be designed well enough for my requirements and has to be a lot lighter than a Sinar 8x10 monorail.
Thanks for the replies.

7-May-2009, 17:28
Used Shen Hao 4X5 for 3 years. You never see them on Criags list, on e Bay or at Keh.com Everyone who has one never sells them. Quality is high and they have stocking distribution world wide. You will not be sorry.

7-May-2009, 21:50
FCL 810 is a nice tool for me. I use a lot of movements and bellows extension too. It is lightweight and stable...not quite as nice as my phillips :) ...i do have chamonix film holders for my 7x17 and they are VERY well built...

website 8x10's were shot with the shen hao.

13-May-2009, 10:41
I visited the store when I was in Shanghai, would have no problem buying one. I always thought it was a scam.
They were really nice and we tried the larger format cameras. Not bad for the prices, unfortunately the prices are the same as in NY, due to the low US$.

Lachlan 717
13-May-2009, 16:20
I have just asked Mr Zhang if it is possible to get an 8x10 with Sinar bellow-fitting front standard.

I want to know if he can do this so I can use a Sinar Auto Aperture shutter on it. Very handy for barrell/brass lenses.

He will provide an answer later next week (I'll post the outcome).

Given Shen Hao designed and built a 6x17 field camera around a 6x17 film back I sent them (i.e. what they now sell as the TFC617-A), I have high hopes!


Ken Lee
13-May-2009, 16:52
I had a lovely Teak and Titamium Shen Hao 8x10 for around a year, and made some nice images with it. I certainly would have kept it, but I simply got out of 8x10.

If Badger Graphics (http://www.badgergraphic.com/store/cart.php?m=product_list&c=98) carries them, they are very good ! Ask Jeff.

Unless you travel to China regularly, it's a good idea to buy a Chinese camera from an official importer, so that any issues which might arise, can be easily addressed... locally.