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6-May-2009, 06:49
For those of you interested in petzvals, there is a new article on these lenses here http://creativeimagemaker.co.uk/mod/resource/view.php?id=120 (http://creativeimagemaker.co.uk/mod/resource/view.php?id=120).

Thanks to Alexei Alexeev, Jim Galli, Kerik Kouklis, and Rado Velev for the accompanying photos.

And to view over 200 photos taken with petzvals in all formats and media see the Petzval Lens Photographs (http://www.flickr.com/groups/868027@N25/) flickr group.

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Jason Greenberg Motamedi
6-May-2009, 07:12
Nice and useful article, thanks very much.

You will forgive me for one brief note:

"Though an 8 inch lens would cover whole plate (or even 8x10), a portrait photographer with a whole plate camera would buy a 12 inch petzval to maximize the sharp coverage area. "

Most 1/2 plate lenses (11" or so) will just barely cover whole-plate at infinity. I have never seen a 1/4 plate (8" or, more likely 9") Petzval which would illuminate a whole-plate. A whole-plate Petzval in the 1860s was at least 16", this was later reduced to 14" in the 20th century, notably by Wolly.

6-May-2009, 07:29
Very nice page. Thanks for sharing.

6-May-2009, 07:57
And for those of you who havent seen my article on Petzval lenses:



6-May-2009, 08:53
You are right on the FL Jason, I'll try to get that changed. Thanks. And Dan's article has some great info too, including serial number to date lists and lots of period ads.

kv nguyen
6-May-2009, 08:55
nice , thanks for sharing

Lee Christopher
7-May-2009, 08:22
Thank you very much for both excellent articles!

I was about to Google 'Petzval Lens' when I saw those links.

Fascinating to say the least!

Now, onto further research about how many are adapting these lenses to modern LFs and what they use a sshutters.

So much to discover!

11-May-2009, 06:47
Garret and "C. C."-

your articles and research are deeply appreciated, thank you!

russ young